Prolimit Drysuit 2015 Hydrogen Hooded Trockenanzug

Prolimit Hydrogen Drysuit Hooded 2015

Prolimit Hydrogen Hooded Drysuit 2015 Beschreibung:

This suit is not for snowboarding, but the new look for extreme cold water suits. It is our full option Loose fit Drysuit for versatile water sports. Use thermal layer to get the best performance of our breathable microfiber. You never will be cold!

Prolimit Hydrogen Hooded Drysuit 2015 Merkmale:

• Breathable 4 layer microfiber
• T-Zip dryzipper
• T-Zip dryzipper Pee zipp
• New tapered neoprene dry seals
• Extended cuffs protection
• Removable hood
• Ankle Latex seals
• Anatomic shaping

Prolimit Hydrogen Drysuit 2015 Hooded Features


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