ION Envee Trockenanzug 2016


  • Maximale Wärme: Trotze der Kälte mit dem wärmsten Anzug der je entwickelt wurde
  • Trocken: Alle Nähte werden mit Trockentauchanzug-Naht-Technologie hergestellt, zu 100% getestet
  • Sicherheit: Leuchtende Farben, Reflektierende Aufdrucke (Re_Flective) & extra laute Storm_Whistle®
  • Komfort: feminines Design, das keinerlei Restriktionen beim Wohlfühlfaktor kennt


ION Envee 2016 Trockenanzug KEY FEATURES

SUPERIOR WARMTH: Be the envy of others with the warmest wetsuit on the planet.
DRY: Diving Drysuit Seam Technology and 100% waterproof tested.
SAFETY: Bright, eye catching colours, Re-Flective prints and the loudest Storm_Whistle
COMFORT: A feminine design with no restrictions optimises overall enjoyment.


ION Envee 2016 Trockenanzug LINE CONCEPT

Chicas! It's time to conquer the chill and look fabulous whilst doing it. We've revised the cut for a more dainty design to complement the femininity of women. The warmest drysuit on the market includes features like a Storm_Whistle and Re-Flective prints, for optimum safety.

The final touch is the rigorous testing oft he water proof Diving Drysuit Seams each suit must surpass before leaving the factory. Don't let ice cold temperatures get you down, with the ENVEE we guarantee you'll be leaving the water warm as toast and with a smile on your face.


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