ION Fuse 2017 Drysuit 4/3 DL Trockenanzug


  • Superior Warmth: Fuse out the cold with the warmest wetsuit on the planet.
  • Dry: Diving Drysuit Seam Technology and 100% waterproof tested.
  • Safety: Bright, eye catching colours, Re-Flective prints and the loudest Storm_Whistle
  • Comfort: Slip in and out with ease thanks to its roomy fit.
  • SIZES: 48/S - 50/M - 52/L - 54/XL - 56/XXL - 58/XXXL

ION Fuse 2017 Trockenanzug: Cold means nothing!


  • By using V-Foam for the entire suit we saved about 300gr of weight when dry.
  • Only plastic parts are used for the revised detachable hood in order to avoid the 'Push' buttons getting stuck when corroded.
  • A revised cut of the arms results in a better fit overall.


ION Fuse 2017 Trockenanzug Target Group: Those riders who mean business and won't let plummeting temperatures get in their way.


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