ION Envee Trockenanzug 2015

ION Envee Frauen Drysuit 2015

Ion Envee Drysuit 4/3 DL 2015 Frauen Trockenanzug Purple

Frauen aufgepasst: Der Ion Envee Trockenanzug 2015 ist wahrscheinlich wärmste Trockenanzug am Markt und reine Frauensache!!! Jetzt bei uns im Shop!

The Ion Envee 2015: Must have!! for all you women who don’t wanna miss the great days on the water in winter time! You want to finish the session because you are happy and leave the water with a smile on your face and not because you are freezing you’re a** off!!!



Ion Envee Drysuit 4/3 DL 2015 Frauen Trockenanzug Purple Beschreibung:

Ion Envee Trockenanzug 2015 KEY FEATURES:

Maximum Warmth Brave the elements with the warmest wetsuit ever made!
Dry all seams follow the Diving Drysuit Seam Technology and are 100% tested (Waterproof Test)
Safety bright colors, reflective prints (Re_flective) and Storm_Whistle
Wearing Comfort thanks to baggy fit and elastic Neoprene

Ion Envee Trockenanzug 2015 LINE CONCEPT:

Warmest women-tailored drysuit on the market invented by ION – all seams are glued blind-stitched with extra seam tape, manufactured according to diving technology standards (each suit must pass the ION Waterproof Test). Storm_Whistle, reflective prints (Re_Flective), Detachable_Hood, a Chest Pocket and a beautiful design for the probably warmest and safest suit you have ever worn – no more freezing on the water!

Ion Envee Drysuit 4/3 DL 2014 Frauen Trockenanzug technical features:

Sanitized® Technology
Sanitized® is a certified antibacterial fabric with active biocidal substance: zinc pyrithion treatment to prevent bad odor from bacteria, mildew etc. in moist or sweaty environments. This function is permanently integrated in selected ION items such as premium wetsuits, boots and shoes.

Visual safety for FUSE and ENVEE drysuits: Being out on the water in cold wintertime can be seriously dangerous especially because it is getting dark much earlier. In case of an emergency you now can rely on additional reflective prints on the shoulder / hood area, which makes it much more easy to be found by SAR crew searchlights. NEW!

WetsuitTech Re Flective

Diving Drysuit Seam Technology

All seams fully taped for 100% waterproofness NEW!

Ion Envee Drysuit 4/3 DL 2015 Frauen Trockenanzug details:

  • Diving Drysuit Seam Technology
  • Storm_Whistle
  • Re-Flective
  • Latex_Cuffs
  • Dry_Zip
  • Detachable_Hood
  • GBL Seams
  • Drain_Holes
  • Key_Loop

Ion Envee Trockenanzug 2015 SIZES

34 / XS
36 / S
38 / M
40 / L
42 / XL

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